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  Fibre optics downlight - recessed and fixed
  Fibre optics downlight - recessed and tiltable
  Fibre optics downlight - surface-mounted
  LED downlight - recessed and fixed
  LED downlight - recessed and tiltable
  Ball and socket
  Fibre optics spot
  LED spot
  Ara LED Range
  Serial splitter 2 x RCY
  Ara 1 fixed 3000K black
  Ara 1 30 3000K black
  Ara 2 70 3000K black
  Ara 3 M 3000K black
  Ara 3 F 3000K black
  Ara 5+ 3000K black
  Lens A 10° black
  Lens A 20° black
  Lens A 30° black
  Lens A 48° / 8° black
  Lens A 60° black
  Lens Tool A
  Filter clip A black
  Barn doors Ara
  Ara Snoot 50 mm - black
  Ara Extension Rod - 100 mm
  Mounting Brackets A
  Track A with mounting 1m
  Track A with mounting 1.5 m
  Track A with mount. custom L up to 1.5 m
  Track A with mount. custom 1.5 m to 3 m
  Corner 90°
  Suspended wire kit Free up to 1.5 m
  Suspended wire kit 1.5 m up to 3 m
  Track A corner mounting set
  Track A corner support A
  Track A corner support B
  Track A connection 90°
  Track A connection
  Serial splitter 2 x RCY
  Serial splitter 4 x RCY
  Serial splitter 8 x RCY
  Driver set 3W for Ara 1
  Driver set 15W for Ara 1
  Driver set 15W for Ara 2 & 3
  Driver set 6W for Ara 2 & 3
  Driver set 4A 25W for Ara 4
  Driver set 4A 48W for Ara 4
  Driver 15W for Ara 5
  Driver 30W for Ara 5
  Driver 50 W for Ara 5
  Master Dimmer Ara 5 Ext.
  Master Dimmer Ara 5 Trim.
  Fibre optics light tubes
  LED light tubes
  Uplight - exterior
  Pool and fountain
 Linear systems
 Light generators
 Fibre harnesses
 RobLight sets
 RobLight accessories
 RobLight spare parts
 Museum brochure
 Light Generator Brochure
 Fibre Optic & LED catalogue
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