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Roblon PMMA Ø4.5 mm (27 x Ø0.75 mm)
Item no. 52000552
Roblon end light fiber developed for high levels of lighting as well as for decorative purposes. Endlight fiber cables consists of a number of raw fibers protected with a sheating material so that the light is only emitted through the end. End light is useful for lighting systems where a very clear and bright light is required.
RobLight Fibre Tails PMMA
Fiber type PMMA
Active diameter Ø4.5 mm
Size Ø6.4 mm
Dia. of raw fibers Ø0.75 mm
No. of raw fibers 27 pcs
Jacket material Megolon S530
Colour Black
Min. bending radius 36 mm
Max. tails in Ø9 5 pcs
Max. tails in Ø9 randomised 4 pcs
Max. tails in Ø28 38 pcs
Max. tails in Ø28 randomised 37 pcs
Weight 35 g/m


Standard Termination with Starpoint 99029995
Special termination, see specification 99029999
Standard Termination 99030000
Fitting Termination 99030001
Compass Termination 99030004
Fitting Termination with Starpoint 99030006
Flex Arm Termination, 450 mm 99030009
Cut Termination 99030013
Acrylic End Cap, waterproof 99030017
Plasterboard Termination with Starpoint 99030018
90° Termination, Special 99030019
Plasterboard Termination 99030027
Jewellery Tube Termination, black 99030095
Jewellery Tube Termination, alu 99030096
90° Termination 99030097
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