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FL 500 B-1 Ø9 3000K
Item no. 01207011
A silent, compact, versatile and extremely energy-efficient light generator. Dimmable. High LED quality. Extremely long life. Easy handling. Ideal for many functional and decorative lighting solutions including interior, ’starry sky’ and sauna lighting, niches and showcases. The Pot version has a potentiometer mounted onto the driver for easy dimming.
User manual
Product sheet
Connector size Ø9
Fiber type PMMA / Glass
Active diameter Ø9.7 mm
Size 100 x 52 x 51 mm
Colour Black
Supply voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Light source power 6 W
Total power 8.5 W
Power cord Supply cord
Driver type Electronic
Driver life >25.000
Thermal protection No
Ventilator type Natural convection
Max. ambient temperature 45 °C
Min. ambient temperature -20 °C
Light source LED
Light source lifetime >25.000 h
Light source manufacturer Cree
Light source colour temperature 3,000 K
Light source CRI 90
Operating environment Indoor / dry locations
Protection rating IP 20
Material Aluminium
Surface treatment Anodised


FL 500 B-1 Mounting Kit 01267001
Spare parts
Driver TCI Minijolly 01296100
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