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FL 2002-2 B 100W
Item no. 01210100
Small light generator ideal for small rooms. General fields of application: big display cases, big starlight ceilings, works of art, room lighting, eaves, fountains, indication light, working light and lateral radiation.
Roblon Fibre Tails Glass
Roblon Fibre Tails PMMA
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL2002-2B yellow 78000190
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL2002-2B green 78000191
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL 2002-2B blue 78000192
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL 2002-2B red 78000193
CTC Filter -500K 78000197
CTC Filter -1200K 78000198
CTC Filter -900K 78000199
FL 2002-2B Ventilation Bracket Kit 78000510
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