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FL 1500 XT F Colour 4000K CRI 90+
Item no. 01310168
FL 1500 XT is the ideal choice if you are looking to create a stunning lit outdoor environment. The series constitutes the first real LED replacement for metal halide light generators, replacing the 150W MH. The projectors endure a drastically longer lamp life, meaning no regular lamp changes and 33% less power consumption. With its 6-colour wheel, twinkle wheel and several dimmable options, our FL 1500 XT Series can transform your exterior settings and facilitate different scenarios. The generators hold instant-on and require no cool down time. The dimming, colour and twinkle wheels are controlled by various control systems, DMX etc. The range includes warm white and neutral white light solutions. Reshape the look of your gardens, public areas or swimming pools with the FL 1500 XT lighting solution.
Product sheet
Connector size Ø28
Fiber type PMMA / Glass
Size 415 x 305 x 175 mm
Colour Black
Supply voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Light source power 100 W
Total power 122 W
Main fuse Integrated auto.
Power cord Lead w/ 4 conductors
Data connection None
Driver type LED Driver CC
Driver life >100,000 hrs
Thermal protection Integrated auto
Ventilator type DC axial fan
Fan noise level 30 dB(A)
Fan life 40000@60°C (L90) hrs
Max. ambient temperature 45 °C
Min. ambient temperature -10 °C
Light source LED
Light source lifetime >35.000 h
Light source manufacturer Nichia
Light source colour temperature 4,000 K
Light source CRI 90+
Lumen maintenance L 70
Operating environment Outdoor / wet locations
Protection rating IP 45
Material Aluminium and plastic
Weight 4 kg
Surface treatment Painted


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