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FL 75 XT-2 B
Item no. 01510350
External light source specially designed for garden lighting and other similar installations. Typical fields of application: sidelighting, works of art, entrances, signs, fountains, swimming pools, indication light and façade lighting.
Connector size Ø9/Ø28
Fiber type PMMA / Glass
Supply voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Total power 93 VA
Main fuse 2 A
Driver type Electronic
Driver life >30,000 h
Light source Halogen
Light source lifetime 6,000 h
Light source colour temperature 3,000 K
Protection rating IP 45
EMC marking Ja


XT-2 Mounting Bracket 01600365
Adaptor Ø28/Ø9 for FL 2002 44002585
Colour Filter XT-2 yellow 78000140
Colour Filter XT-2 green 78000141
Colour Filter XT-2 blue 78000142
Colour Filter XT-2 red 78000143
CTC Filter XT-2 -500K 78000147
CTC Filter XT-2 -1200K 78000148
CTC Filter XT-2 -900K 78000149
Spare parts
Fan 80 x 25 mm 12V DC 64080124
Halogen Lamp, Philips 12V 75W 3000K 65127595
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