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Item no. 01700010
Extra powerful light generator designed for applications, where high intensity in light is required. Typical fields of applications: end light as well as side light, works of art, interior lighting in big rooms, swimming pools, facade lighting, theatres and cinemas.
Roblon Fibre Tails PMMA
Roblon Fibre Tails Glass
Mounting Brackets, FL 75/FL 150-2/FL 250 78000121
Adaptor Ø28/Ø9 78000130
Colour Filter FL 250 yellow 78000390
Colour Filter FL 250 green 78000391
Colour Filter FL 250 blue 78000392
Colour Filter FL 250 red 78000393
CTC Filter, FL 250, -500K 78000397
CTC Filter, FL 250, -1200K 78000398
CTC Filter, FL 250, -900K 78000399
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