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Beespot Focus
Item no. 03130000
Beespot for indoor, outdoor or submerged use. Fully adjustable in all directions. For accent lighting, decorative effects and wall-washing. For facades, for surfaces large and small, for objects large and small. LED series also available.
Mounting instructions
Optics Ø26 mm lens
Beam angle Ø3: 12-39°/Ø4.5: 13-40°/Ø6:16-42°
Material Stainless steel AISI 303
Colour Grey
Surface treatment Glassblasted
Tilt 360°
Rotate 360°
Size 63 x 73 x 88 mm
Weight 165 g
Mounting Surface mounted with screws
Min. tail size Ø3 mm
Max. tail size Ø6 mm
Protection rating IP 68 down to 1 m


Beespot Arm 500 mm 03130010
Fitting Termination 99030001
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