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Compass Angle Max Clear polished
Item no. 03130240
Compass Angle is an uplight in corrosion- and acid-resistant steel with tiltable lens for adjustment of light beam and lighting angle. Compass is a sturdy recessed fitting in timeless, elegant design. The fitting is suitable for lighting where the light is to be projected over long distances and where a small, significant light beam is required, for instance up pillars, walls, pylon signs and monuments. Compass is available with plane or chamfered flange. The fitting is supplied with a grey plastic insert which is available as an option in several colours.
User manual
Mounting instructions
Optics Ø26 mm lens
Beam angle Ø8: 16-20°/ Ø10: 19-22°
Material Stainless steel AISI 316
Colour Grey
Surface treatment Polished
Tilt 18°
Rotate 360°
Size Ø100 mm
Weight 810 g
Mounting Embedded / screw mounted
Mounting hole Ø100 mm
Built-in height 125 mm
Min. tail size Ø8 mm
Max. tail size Ø10 mm
Protection rating IP 68 down to 1 m
Max. dynamic load 20 J
Max. static load 2,500 kg


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