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Compass Mounting Tube
Item no. 03130302
Mounting tube to be dug down and Compas fitting inserted. Ø90x554 mm. A hole must be drilled/cut in the tube for insertion of flex tube with fibre. Grey plastic.
Mounting instructions
Material PVC
Colour Grey
Size Ø90 x 554 mm
Weight 450 g


Accessory for
Compass Angle Clear burnished 03130200
Compass Wide Clear burnished 03130202
Compass Wide Opal burnished 03130203
Compass Focus Clear burnished 03130206
Compass Angle Max Clear burnished 03130210
Compass Wide Max Clear burnished 03130212
Compass Wide Max Opal burnished 03130213
Compass Focus Max Clear burnished 03130216
Compass Angle Clear polished 03130230
Compass Wide Clear polished 03130232
Compass Wide Opal polished 03130233
Compass Focus Clear polished 03130236
Compass Angle Max Clear polished 03130240
Compass Wide Max Clear polished 03130242
Compass Wide Max Opal polished 03130243
Compass Focus Max Clear polished 03130246
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