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Swaying Reed, acrylic rod, 1,0 m Ø2,0 fi
Item no. 03130490
An elegant and very discreet light straw fixture which gives a beautiful straw look in both indoor but mainly outdoor environments, where the softly swaying movement of the lit Swaying Reed with acrylic rod evokes the peace and tranquillity of the breeze blowing through the reed beds. The very discreet acrylic reed structure makes it ideal to softly illuminate gardens, green spaces, and open areas where it can be enjoyed in hotel gardens, spas, malls, city centers, etc. The reeds come with all necessary mounting and connection to fibre harness. The harness must be specified separately due to decisions on lengths. The design and dimension of this standard range can be modified for a custom product request.
User manual
User manual
Product sheet
Optics Akryldiffuser
Beam angle 360°
Material PMMA/Acrylic
Colour Clear
Tilt Yes
Rotate 360°
Size Ø20 x 1000 mm
Weight 300 g
Mounting Pressed
Built-in height 250 mm
Min. tail size Ø1 mm
Max. tail size Ø2 mm
Protection rating IP68


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