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Jewellery Tube Wide satin chrome
Item no. 03201031
Casts high-intensity showcase light with absolute precision and absolute flexibility. The slim, discreet design in exclusive finishes and colours ensures that full focus is on the display items, even in the lowest, smallest, all-glass case. 360 deg. adjustable. Tilts 25 deg. all around. Choose wide or focused beams. Choose to illuminate the whole case, or light objects of different types, sizes and heights individually. Ideal for lighting precious gems and jewellery.
Jewellery Tube UK
Mounting instructions
Beam angle 54°
Material Brass
Colour Satin chrome
Surface treatment Chromium plated
Tilt 25°
Rotate 360°
Size Ø26 x 91 x 17 x 200 mm
Weight 92 g
Mounting Surface mounted with nut
Mounting hole Ø18 +1/-0 mm
Built-in height 34 mm
Min. tail size Ø4.5 mm
Max. tail size Ø4.5 mm
Protection rating IP 20


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