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Nova 1 Focus black
Item no. 03300510
A skilful series of downlights with a unique dimple feature for sharp tilting. 360° adjustable. Tilts 35° all around, and up to 50° at the dimple point. Pioneering button-system lets you freely adjust and lock, without using tools, the beam tilt and dimple point. Choose large, medium or uniquely small fittings. Choose wide, medium or focused beams. Ideal for illumination on walls, in niches and in showcases. Nova: a whole new angle on downlights.
User manual
Optics Ø12 mm lens
Beam angle 11° - 30°
Material UV-stable thermoplastics material
Colour Black
Tilt 35°/50°
Rotate 360°
Size Ø22 x 19 mm
Weight 0.1 kg
Mounting Semi-recessed with springs
Mounting hole Ø16 mm
Built-in height 24 mm
Min. tail size Ø2 mm
Max. tail size Ø2 mm
Protection rating IP 20


Micro Termination 99030092
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