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Note 3 Medium white
Item no. 03367330
Precise, powerful light from a tiny, simple downlight. For indoor use. Roblon fibre optic technology. High light efficiency. Recessed and fixed. Low-glare. Mounting Ø25 mm. Beam angle 30° to 32°, depending on fibre tail diameter. For display, surface, object, area and accent lighting. For showcases, niches, shelves, ceilings and many other applications.
User manual
Optics Ø20 mm lens
Beam angle Ø8: 30° / Ø10: 32°
Material UV-stable thermoplastics material
Colour White
Size Ø31 x 5 mm
Weight 0.1 kg
Mounting Recessed with spring
Mounting hole Ø25 mm
Built-in height 33 mm
Min. tail size Ø8 mm
Max. tail size Ø10 mm
Protection rating IP 20


Focus Adapter 03390001
Fitting Termination 99030001
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