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Cut Termination
Item no. 99030013
Cut termination leaves the fiber with the raw cut fiber end. Is used e.g. for larger starry skies, where the raw fibers are split in larger areas. Is also used for sideradiating fiber, where end termination is not required.
Protection rating IP 20


Suitable for
Roblon Glass Ø1.0 mm 52000110
Roblon Glass Ø1.5 mm 52000115
Roblon Glass Ø2.0 mm 52000120
Roblon Glass Ø3.0 mm 52000130
Roblon Glass Ø4.5 mm 52000145
Roblon Glass Ø6.0 mm 52000160
Sideglow Ø1.3 mm 52000413
RobLight PMMA Ø1.0 mm (1 x Ø1.0 mm) 52000524
RobLight PMMA Ø1.5 mm (3 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000548
RobLight PMMA Ø2.0 mm (7 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000550
RobLight PMMA Ø3.0 mm (14 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000551
RobLight PMMA Ø4.5 mm (27 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000552
RobLight PMMA Ø6.0 mm (50 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000553
RobLight PMMA Ø8.0 mm (75 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000557
RobLight PMMA Ø1.5 mm (7 x Ø0.5 mm) 52000558
RobLight PMMA Ø10 mm (71 x Ø1.0 mm) 52000595
RobLight SR PMMA Ø4.5 mm (12 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000600
RobLight SR PMMA Ø8.0 mm (49 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000601
RobLight SR PMMA Ø11 mm (84 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000602
RobLight SR PMMA Ø14 mm (144 x Ø0.75 mm) 52000603
RobLight Starfield 50 PMMA Ø5.8 mm 52000650
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