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  Accessories for LED fittings
  Lens 25°
  Lens 35°
  Lens oval 25°/45°
  Lens 55°
  Lens A 10° black
  Lens A 20° black
  Lens A 30° black
  Lens A 48° / 8° black
  Lens A 60° black
  Filter clip A black
  Barn doors Ara
  Ara Snoot 50 mm - black
  Ara Extension Rod - 100 mm
  Track A with mounting 1m
  Track A with mounting 1.5 m
  Track A with mount. custom L up to 1.5 m
  Track A with mount. custom 1.5 m to 3 m
  Mounting Brackets A
  Corner 90°
  Suspended wire kit Free up to 1.5 m
  Suspended wire kit 1.5 m up to 3 m
  Track A corner mounting set
  Roblon Dual Tool a
  Roblon Dual Tool b
  Track A connection
  Track A connection 90°
  Track A corner support A
  Track A corner support B
  Master Dimmer Ara 5 Trim.
  LED Drivers and electrical equipment
  Accessories for Essential LED
  Colour and twinkle wheels
  Control accessories for light generators
  Optical filters for light generators
  Mechanical accessories for light generators
  Packaging systems for conduit systems
  Accessories for fibre harnesses
  Accessories for sidelight fibres
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