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FL 150-3 B
Item no. 01610000
Small, compact light source with long bulb life for general use. Can be placed in very small rooms if the thermal conditions are secured by correct ventilation. General fields of application: interior lighting, big starlight ceilings, works of art, big rooms, lobbies, canopies and signs.
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Connector size Ø28
Fiber type PMMA / Glass
Supply voltage 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Total power 172 VA
Main fuse 5 A
Driver type Electronic
Driver life 100,000 h
Light source Metal halide
Light source lifetime 6,000 h
Light source colour temperature 4,200 K
Lumen maintenance 80 % after 6,000 hours
Protection rating IP 20
EMC marking Ja


FL 150-3 Light Shield 01610060
Hose 102 mm, white 73500702
Hose Clamp No 5 120-90 mm 77012090
Adaptor Ø28/Ø9 78000130
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL2002-2B yellow 78000190
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL2002-2B green 78000191
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL 2002-2B blue 78000192
Colour Filter FL 150-3/FL 2002-2B red 78000193
CTC Filter -500K 78000197
CTC Filter -1200K 78000198
CTC Filter -900K 78000199
FL 150-3 Ventilation Bracket Kit 78000505
Spare parts
Fan 80 x 25 mm 12V DC 64080124
Metal Halide Lamp, Philips CDM-SA/R 150W 65150005
Metal-Halide Electonic Ballast 150 W 67080055
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