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Libra 1 30 4500K black
Item no. 11274010
Roblon Libra is a flexible, multi-functional luminaire for illuminating objects. It is based on a very high quality LED lighting technology. The luminaire's design freedom makes it ideal for use in many indoor lighting situations - for high-intensity levels, for low-intensity levels, in showcases, in niches, free-standing, wall-mounted or surface-mounted. The illuminating heads on each Libra luminaire have an extremely high degree of directivity. Their elegant form makes them suitable for a very wide range of lighting applications. Black Libra 1 model shown here.
Driver guide
Mounting instructions
Size 286 x 47 x 42 mm
Colour Black
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Total power 1.1 W
Input current 350 mA Max.
Driver mode Constant Current
Dimmable Yes
Thermal protection No
Max. ambient temperature 45 °C
Light source LED
Light source lifetime 35,000 h
Luminaire CRI-8 (Ra) 95
Luminaire CRI-14 93
Protection rating IP 50
Total luminous flux 50 lm
Optics Reflector


Driver Lightech 10 W CC 350mA EN/UL 11000101
Driver Lightech 18 W CC DIM 350mA UL 11031181
Driver Osram 10 W CC DIM 350mA EN 11032104
Serial splitter 2 x RCY 11080012
Serial splitter 4 x RCY 11080014
Serial splitter 8 x RCY 11080018
Reflector b medium 45 black 11260410
Reflector b wide 60 black 11260610
1-LED spare module 1a 3000K 11295130
Spare parts
Reflector b medium 30 black 11260310
1-LED spare module 1a 4500K 11295145
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