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Pyxis 3r 60 3000K white
Item no. 11323630
A recessed, dimmable downlight with fixed beam angle for indoor application. For ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative effects, wall-washing. For showcases, niches, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, surface-mounted. For room lighting, surface lighting, object illumination. Uncompromising light quality based on exceptional LED technology. Smooth control of light distribution. Easy to integrate. Intuitive for professionals and end users alike. Reflectors can be changed any time to meet new lighting requirements. Reflectors can be changed easily during normal operations.
Driver guide
Mounting instructions
Size Ø62 x 4 mm
Colour White
Total power 3.3 W
Input current 350 mA Max.
Driver mode Constant Current
Dimmable Yes
Thermal protection No
Max. ambient temperature 45 °C
Light source LED
Light source lifetime 35,000 h
Luminaire CRI-8 (Ra) 90
Luminaire CRI-14 86
Protection rating IP 50
Total luminous flux 145 lm
Optics Reflector


Driver Lightech 10 W CC 350mA EN/UL 11000101
Driver Lightech 18 W CC DIM 350mA UL 11031181
Driver Osram 10 W CC DIM 350mA EN 11032104
Serial splitter 2 x RCY 11080012
Serial splitter 4 x RCY 11080014
Serial splitter 8 x RCY 11080018
Reflector a medium 30 11360320
Reflector a medium 45 11360420
Roblon Dual Tool a 11361001
3-LED spare module 3a 4500K 11395345
Spare parts
Reflector a wide 60 11360620
3-LED spare module 3a 3000K 11395330
Optional Spring Ø51 42001086
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