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Barn doors Ara
Item no. 11488012
The barn doors are an accessory to our ARA LED Range. It functions as a light modifier which can shape how the light and the light beam fall. The components are mounted between the fitting and the lens. Easy to mount, easy to remove.
Mounting instructions
Material Aluminium
Surface treatment Anodised
Colour Black
Size 47 x 47 x 39 mm
Weight 18 g


Accessory for
Ara 1 30 3000K black 11403110
Ara 3 F 3000K black 11413110
Ara 3 F 3000K white 11413130
Ara 2 70 3000K black 11433210
Ara 5+ 3000K black 11454015
Ara 1 fixed 3000K black 11463110
Ara 3 M 3000K black 11473110
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